They may be tiny, but microgreens pack a nutritional punch. Microgreens contain all the nutrients of mature produce in a small package, with higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than their mature counterparts. In fact, a USDA study showed microgreens contain from five all the way up to 40 times higher levels of nutrients than fully grown leaves!

Rainbow Fusion

Eat your greens...and your reds and purples too! We’ve blended rainbow microgreens with delicate, smooth edged red and green baby romaine for the best balance between crisp and sweet.


  • Red and green baby romaine with rainbow microgreens
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Sunflower Power

Local Roots’ Sunflower Power brings the beauty of summer right to your kitchen. We’ve blended deliciously nutty sunflower microgreens with our crisp and delicate spring mix for a unique blend that pairs well with a variety of dressings.


  • Spring mix with sunflower microgreens
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Super Green

Packed with a punch of flavor, Super Green combines the nutritional powerhouse of broccoli microgreens with traditional favorites baby green leaf and peppery baby arugula.

  • Baby green leaf and baby arugula with broccoli microgreens
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