Initial ConsultationLet’s get to know each other.

Give us a call or send an email. We’ll schedule a call to learn about your project, your location, and your goals. This gives us all a chance to determine the best ways for us to work together.

Site Visit and Feasibility StudyLet's See the "Sites"

A site visit is a crucial step in the project process. We’ll send our hydroponics construction and engineering team to your potential site (or sites) to take a look around. Our engineers will walk the site and evaluate access to resources such as water, electricity, and natural gas. The construction team will determine how much site work will need to be completed for the structure’s foundation, determine the flow of construction traffic, and contact local contractors. Our sales and marketing team will put together a market analysis of the region, utilizing our extensive network of retailers, food service companies, and institutional contacts. Finally, our financial team will build a customized financial model for your project, using data and real numbers from our existing hydroponic farms.

Once the visit is complete, we will prepare a detailed analysis of your potential project, which will include our recommendation for sites, a recommendation of which plants to grow, an analysis of gas, water, and electricity availability, conceptual drawings, and pro-forma financial statements.

Pre-constructionWorking out the details.

We’ve divided the pre-construction design process into two distinct phases: conceptual design and detailed design.

Phase 1 is conceptual design. During this phase, our team will build on what we learned during the feasibility study. The scope of service provided will be a deeper dive into permitting requirements, research into storm water collection requirements, a detailed analysis of the water available at the site, and continued conversations with utility and other service providers. A budgetary construction price will also be provided.

During Phase 2, our engineers will produce a series of detailed drawings and a comprehensive scope of work. All elements of the project will be created in detail, including schematic design, architectural design, mechanical design, as well as plumbing and electrical designs. The hydroponics systems will be designed in detail, which will include the raft beds, the filtering equipment, and all components of the system. Construction documents will be provided to you and we will coordinate with outside consultants, such as civil engineers.

ConstructionBoots on the ground.

This is the phase where ideas become reality. Depending on the size and scope of your hydroponics project, construction may happen in several phases. Generally, we kick off construction with at least one greenhouse structure and one head house (processing) structure. With our modular construction methods, we’ll make sure each phase rolls seamlessly into the next.

Post-ConstructionTurn-key turnover or long-term relationship.

Once construction is finished, our experts will stay on for commissioning and training. We are committed to your success and offer a variety of both short-term and long-term services.

OperationsProviding complete operations services for every facility.

Local Roots’ experience with operating hydroponics facilities is a tremendous advantage to our clients. Once construction is complete, we can provide complete operation services for the facility, from staffing all the way to sales of goods.

SalesGiving our clients the best possible service.

Using our unrivaled industry connections, Local Roots will create and direct your sales program. Our team of industry all-stars gives our clients the best possible service, the most experienced and responsive people and a winning program for retailers and the customers they serve.

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