Local Roots uses a variety of edible flowers in each colorful package. Violas, nasturtium and violets are just a few of the varieties we add to each package.

Here’s a delicious salad idea. Combine thinly sliced apple and carrot with your favorite greens. Spring Mix would be a great choice! Add a creamy cheese, such as goat cheese, then top with a citrus vinaigrette and garnish with Local Roots Edible Flowers.

Add edible flowers to your lemonade or cocktail (or mocktail!). Pansies are delicious and beautiful in gimlets, gin cocktails, and any other drink that needs bright accent.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers have subtle flavors. Some are peppery, floral, sweet, or even a little spicy! The flavor is as varied as the flowers themselves.


  • Assorted organic edible flowers, to include snapdragon, marigold, pansy, viola, calendula, amaranth, and dianthus.