Our Mission

At Local Roots, our mission is clear: we bring safe, fresh produce from seed to shelf by farming more with less.

We’re a diversified company, with three core business strategies:

Hydroponic produce sales and marketing

Hydroponic construction and operations consulting

Hydroponic investments

Company-wide, our core values stay the same:

  • Honesty
  • Unfailing communication
  • Creative solutions
  • Teamwork
  • Growth

At Stores Now!

You can find Local Roots lettuce blends, microgreen blends, cut herbs, and our newest item, salads in a jar, at major retailers in the Midwest.

Cut Lettuce Photo

Cut Lettuce

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Living Lettuce Photo

Living Lettuce

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Microgreen Blends Photo

Microgreen Blends

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Cut Herbs Photo

Cut Herbs

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Living Herbs Photo

Living Herbs

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Salad in a Jar Photo

Salad in a Jar

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Salad Kits Photo

Salad Kits

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ConsultingBlueprint to Reality

With decades of experience, our hydroponics construction team guides our clients through the planning, construction, and operations experience. We’ve put together a consulting program to standardize the process, while still allowing each project to be individualized to each clients’ needs.

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